Collections and Artists

Nancy Thorn’s Gold Leaf Studio is well known for the scope and quality of its many large scale architectural gilding projects. For many years we’ve assisted the internationally renowned sculptor Larry Kirkland, as well as other artists, in creating immense site- specific public artworks.

Restoring the metallic surface of historical private and public structures often entails gilding walls, ceilings, domes, and various exterior elements. Consulting with Object Conservators is often a part of successful and accurate restorations. Leaf types available for architectural purposes range from the traditional 23K gold to the new oxidized silver leafs and colored leafs.

New work involves working in collaboration with the artist, fabricators, and other experts in coatings for exterior application longevity.

Gold Leaf Studio works with architects, designers, contractors, fabricators, and artists on residential, commercial, and municipal projects.


Larry Kirkland

Michael Curry

John Helton

Julian Voss-Andreae

Mikalene Thomas

Jean-michel Othoniel

Robert Longo

Sherin Guirguis

Urs Fischer

Ugo Rondinone

Paul McCarthy

Kiki Smith

George Condo

Jim Hodges

Takashi Murakami

Larry Kirkland “Columbia” Portland International Airport

Public Collections

Fort Vancouver, Vancouver, WA
Pittock Mansion, Portland Park Bur eau, Portland OR
Central Library, Multnomah County Library, Portland, OR
New York Philharmonic Donor Wall, New York, NY
Lewis and Clark Donor Wall, Portland, OR
Trump Plaza, New York, NY
Taj Mahal Casino, Atlantic City, NJ
Arlington Club, Portland, OR
Russian Tea Room, New York, NY
Christie’s Auction House New York, NY
Christensen’s Yacht, Vancouver, WA
MGM Grand Casino, Las V egas, NV
New York New York Casino, Las Vegas, NV
City of Portland, Joan of Ar c, Portland, OR
Franklin Co. Court House, Pasco, W A
Pittock Mansion, Dining Room, Portland Park Bureau,
Portland OR
Cherberg Building, WA State Capitol Campus, Olympia, WA
Franklin County Court House Pasco, W A
Wynne Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Carruso Affiated, “Americana @ Brand,” Glendale, CA
City of Portland, Portland, OR
University of Oregon Chapel
University of Portland Chapel

Kirkland Collections

Larry Kirkland is an international site-specific artist. He works collaboratively with architects, engineers, fabricators and craftsmen from around the country to bring his art to fruition. His work is often many stories high and can contain hundreds of forms of various materials. It is not unusual to gild over a thousand items for one of his wonderful sculptures.

1991 Linpro/Namura Partnership, Washington, DC
1992 Arden Fair Bldg., Sacramento, CA
1992 AM-South, Harbart Plaza, Birmingham, AL
1993 AT&T Headquarters, Pleasanton, CA.
1993 University of Oregon Medical Center, Physician’s Pavilion, Portland, OR
1993 Birmingham Municipal Airport, Birmingham, AL
1995 Kansai International Airport, Os aka, Japan
1995 Motor Vehicles Services Div. Office Complex, Trenton, NJ
1995 Scottsdale Public Library, Scottsdale, AZ
1995 Mallinekrodt Corp., St. Louis, MO
1996 UPS Headquarters, Atlanta, GA
1996 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Splendor of the seas, San Nazaire, France

1996 Hughes Center, Las V egas, NV
1996 Arrowhead Mall, Phoenix, AZ
1997 Portland Central Library, Portland, OR
1997 California Museum of Scienc e & Industry, Los Angeles, CA
1997 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Rhapsody, San Nazaire, France
1997 Celebrity Cruise Line, Germany
1997 Justice Center, Sacramento, CA
1997 Baptist Hospital, Jacksonville, FL
1999 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Eagle 1, Finland
2000 Portland International Airport, Portland, OR
2001 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Eagle 111, Finland
2002 National Academy of Scienc es, Denver, CO
2002 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Eagle 1V, Finland
2003 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Mariner, Finland
2005 Jacksonville Library, Jacksonville, FL
2006 Royal Carribean Cruise Line, “Navigat or”
2006 Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
2007 Children’s Learning Center, Charlotte, NC
2007 Royal Carribean Cruise Line, “Mariner 5”
2008 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, “Allure of the Seas”