These are the people I work with and recommend to others. I believe they have integrity in their work:

Golden Leaf Products, gilding materials,

Elzbieta Osiak, paintings conservator,

Whole 9 Yards, discount designer fabric store,

Joanne Mehl, painter of portraits: animal and people,

Image Restoration, on-site repair specialists,

Terra Goodman, art appraiser,

Scott Sidwell Fabrications, metal repair, 503-786-1830

Cameron Clock Co. Repair,

Tami French, small business tax and accounting,

Framing Resource, quality framing,

The Artisan, quality framing, 503-635-4590

Marie Craft, object conservator, 503-892-3452

Elizabeth Chambers, paper conservator, 503-276-4216

Lee Littlewood, gilded signage,

Paula Madden, art appraiser,

Robert McNulty, commercial finishes, 503-422-1504

Grace Weston, commercial and art photography,

Rebekah Johnson, portrait and wedding photography,

Steve Pancoast, carver, 503-632-8195

Ted Swift, wall glazing, 503-805-2937

Sepp Leaf Products gilding materials,

Easy Leaf Products gilding materials,

Sovereign Gallery, 323-769-4861

Walla Walla Foundry, bronze art casting,

ArtWorks, art shipping and transport,

Creative Woodworking, large and small millwork,

Elite Granite sandblast and stone carving, 503 648-3596

Sovereign Gallery, historic paintings,

Columbia River Picture Framers, (contact, art appraiser

Rosanne Sachson Architectural Design and Lighting,